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What's your choice?

1. Waste precious brainpower trying to remember everything

2. Write your tasks down and focus all your energy on actually getting them done

Your tasks, your lists, your life. That's what you get with DefiniteList!

Make the right choice and try it now, make it your own with all the customization features. 

Become a DefiniteUser, and leave it to DefiniteList to remind you of your daily to-dos and focus on achieving your goals.

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Each list has its own personality

You can customize each of your lists as you need them to be. You can make it a task list or just a simple note list. It's up to you!

  • Give it a due date and you have a project
  • Track the status of each item in the list
  • Set the context of the list so you can focus later on what's important at the moment
  • Easily track the progress of each list
lists customization
decision matrix

Decision Matrix

Easily see what's important and what's urgent with the decision matrix

daily briefing

Daily Briefing

In the morning you get a briefing of what's ahead of your day


Break down your tasks into detailed steps for better organization

One-touch task management

You can easily manager your tasks and notes by long pressing them and selecting the appropriate action in the context menu.

  • Flag an important item
  • Update the status
  • Make an item show on your 'Today' list
  • Change the due date of an item

Know where you stand on your daily goals

We believe it's important to know what you want to achieve for the day so you can have the good feeling of accomplishment when you finally go to bed.

  • Visualize your today's progress in a graphical way
  • Manage your day according to your progress and your own expectations

How much money do you need today?

You already know all your tasks and appointments for the day, but do you know how much money you're gonna need? We help you with that too!

  • Set the amount you need for a specific task
  • Have an overviewed of your day's expenses, paid and due

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